Why Managed Print?

When it comes to cost savings initiative, office printing has largely been ignored. At the same time, office printing consumes 1-3% of a company’s annual revenue. Organizations that actively manage their printing can reduce costs by an average of 10-20% while actually increasing productivity and printer efficiencies.

The COS Managed Print Solutions strategy empowers you with the ability to accurately manage your costs. Following are the three reasons why companies engage COS Managed Print Solutions.

Cost Reduction
Are you looking for meaningful strategies to reduce costs? Studies predict that office print usage will grow by 5.5% this year. The scary number behind this statistic is that color printing is forecast to grow at 18.5%. Color prints cost 5-10 times the cost of black and white. The COS Managed Print Solutions strategy gives you the ability to actually identify, manage and reduce office printing expenses.

Management Control
Do you have control over your printing costs? You cannot manage what you cannot measure. Many of our clients had no idea what they were spending on printing. Fragmented decision making and purchasing patterns for hardware, supplies and service made it nearly impossible to determine the actual cost of printing, let alone controlling it. COS Managed Print Solutions gives you central control over the cost of printing, measuring your actual costs thus allowing you to make good management decisions.

Do you have a system to ensure continuous productivity? Very few things inhibit office productivity more than a printer that is our of service. Many of the companies we serve initially had many different brands and models of printer. That meant that it was nearly impossible to stock all of the required toner, manage all of the print drivers and coordinate service with multiple vendors. COS Managed Print Solutions helps you develop a printer strategy that will enable you to build a standards program, reduce downtime and improve end user productivity.

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